Why You Should "Vote Dillingham"

I am asking for your vote, and here is why!

You will get a call from City Hall!

If you have an issue in your neighborhood, and you ask for help from a council member? You should get a call from City Hall!

You will get good, old-fashioned constituent casework from the Office of Councilmember Dillingham. Everyone gets a response, everyone gets a referral.

We need real engagement, real access.

I will uplift our neighbors who have experience on our city issues, and are willing to put good ideas into action.

I will invest in neighborhoods and place-making initiatives, and commission neighborhood people to make it happen.

You want to help solve our city’s problems? I will find a place for you – genuine community engagement.

Bring It Back to the Neighborhoods! Not out the back door of City Hall!

You want your tax dollars to take care of your city, your neighborhood.

My years of neighborhood leadership, working with our public schools, and my years working at City Hall mean I know how to fight for investment in our neighborhoods.

I will be an ally to neighborhoods when capitol dollars are handed out… The way City Hall does development is not strategic, and at worst, it is not fair.

Gun Violence, Drugs, and Poverty. We need battle-tested leadership to address the toughest issues of our city.

You want your city leaders to work together and do their job, ensuring the health and safety of our city

I am a proven, battle-tested coalition-builder. I’ve been working on the toughest issues of our city on committees, neighborhood councils, boards, policy groups, and commissions for years. I will bring my experience to work for you at City Hall.

Working together is not always easy, but my career shows I know how to bring people together for the greater good.


With your vote and support, I will bring my unique experience, passion and energy, my political will, and my fight to City Hall for policies that make sense and keep our city moving forward.

You have 9 votes, all I need is 1. Vote Dillingham!

Thank you.